Founded by a Maine native and New York resident, Emily Slocum is focused on transforming the concept cold weather layering into chic city style.    

Raised on the coast of Maine, Emily Slocum knows a thing or two about layering and dressing warm. When she began her professional career in Boston while studying at Simmons College, Emily soon recognized a problem:  Women's fashion lacked an attractive and comfortable layer between heavy overcoats and "thermally challenged" skirts and blouses. Even during warm summers, heavily air conditioned offices are chilly for women without a second layer. Sweaters, scarfs and shawls do not always keep you covered and warm. While our pieces were originally designed for career wear, our team soon realized that they are actually good for just about any dressing scenario. Whether you wear it like a robe making coffee in the morning, running to yoga on the weekend, or meeting friends for dinner- this is a go to grab.  

Emily currently resides in New York City but spends as much time in her home State of Maine as possible.